Part I of 2008 Christmas – With Sia Family

This year, I’ve chosen Lavender as the theme for my Christmas tree. Finally I managed to get the type of tree I like from Petaling Street.  I spent nearly RM360 for this 7 feet tree and the ornaments. It was an impulse buying this time for the ornaments. Darling set up the tree and I put up the ornaments. Still not satisfied with the tree as I think I need more ornaments on such a huge Christmas tree.  On top of that, we have a little rascal who keeps pulling down the ornaments and threw it on the floor like a ball.  The glittering sand dust then stick to his hand and face. *Slap head* If only I could hang the Christmas tree on to the ceiling??

Darling decorated the main door and this time I was thrilled with his beautiful work.

I’m kinda lazy to prepare food and clean up so we decided to eat out for our Christmas dinner this year with Darling’s family (my in-laws). Off we went to Auntie Juliet Cafe in Kota Kemuning the Saturday before Christmas.  After the dinner, all of us headed to my house for presents time. 4th sis and family usually join us to add to the fun.

Presenting to you……the Sia family.

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  1. caroline says:

    Wow … you really spend that much on your x’mas tree ah? But the trees looks so nice, worth every penny spend 🙂

    Happy New Year to you and your family 🙂

    ... on July January 2nd, 2009
  2. E says:

    i love the grilled lamb chop at aunt juliet’s.. yumssss.. ^__^

    ... on July January 2nd, 2009
  3. E says:

    btw, happy new year, julie (& family)! 🙂

    ... on July January 2nd, 2009
  4. Wai Yin says:

    i like your deco on door, give me an idea to do mine next year.

    ... on July January 2nd, 2009
  5. Joanne Tiew says:

    The X’mas tree is so nice, I like it so much. I did not that has to spent so much on decorating a xmas tree.
    – How is the food at Auntie Juliet Cafe? I am staying around that area but never try..

    ... on July January 3rd, 2009
  6. Julie says:

    Caroline – The tree is RM200 and I just don’t know how come I spent soo much on the ornaments. Hihi…

    E – Hi. Glad to see you here again. I love Auntie Juliet’s desserts especially the Hersey choc and apple crumble.

    Wai Yin – Thanks.

    Joanne – I like the food at Auntie Juliet. I’ll give her 8 out of 10. Remember to try her Hersey choc and apple crumble.

    ... on July January 3rd, 2009
  7. yugene says:

    I love the X’mas tree, so nice. How nice if I can have one at home too cos I love to deco X’mas tree!!
    Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!

    I love your family photo!!

    ... on July January 3rd, 2009
  8. Pet says:

    That’s a lot of Christmas decoration, really put u in the mood!

    Happy New Year too!

    ... on July January 4th, 2009
  9. littlelamb says:

    Nice decos. You really put effort to make xmas very memorable for yr family…

    Happy New Year!

    ... on July January 4th, 2009
  10. KittyCat says:

    Wow…beautiful tree! You’re quite a dedicated decorator 🙂

    I started out with a gold and green theme for our little family tree but now that my parents’ old ornaments have joined the club, it’s now a rojak tree!

    It’s now a leaning tower of Pisa too because Lucas keeps charging at the tree for the ‘presents’ aargh.

    Happy New Year to you too!!!

    ... on July January 4th, 2009
  11. Ryan mami says:

    Nice Xmas tree!! The tree also has some lightings right?

    ... on July January 5th, 2009
  12. Ann says:

    Oh….at least you got the tree! Work up slowly each year on the decorations, I guess.

    But I think presents under a tree is the BEST!

    ... on July January 5th, 2009
  13. Aunty Next Door says:

    I took 10 shots of the family photo and yet, none of them turn out nice. *yikes!*

    ... on July January 5th, 2009
  14. KittyCat says:

    I got *excited* when you commented that you buy books for Christmas too.

    This means you ABSOLUTELY have to join in the Read-A-Book-A-Month Challenge ok!

    ... on July January 5th, 2009
  15. Joanne Tiew says:

    Then I am sure the food there is nice.
    Will sure try it out some day.

    ... on July January 7th, 2009
  16. andrewjune says:

    wow rm 360 for the tree & ornamanets!
    but it’s worth the money 🙂 you can re-use it every yr!

    ... on July January 8th, 2009

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