Sweet Lolli

You sure can guess what is that white stick he was holding.

Ok, I know, I know…I shouldn’t had introduced that sweet little round lolli to him but was thinking of keeping him still in his stroller while I shop around. 😛

Every kids love sweety stuff. Whenever he got the chance to hold an unwrap lollipop, he will put it straight in his mouth.

Don’t worry…I don’t do that often. In fact, that was the only time he tasted lollipop. I still have one in the fridge which has yet to be discovered by him. Shhh…. *wink*

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  1. Pet says:

    Children just love lolli! But, I only gv my daug lolli when she was nearly 3 years old. It was a FOC from the hotel, n she saw it. Then, she started asking for lolli in supermarket. Opps..

    ... on July February 22nd, 2009
  2. Mery says:

    As long as dun give frequently the lollipop still ok.

    ... on July February 22nd, 2009
  3. HN says:

    *Shhh* I have not introduced it to Sethy yet 😛

    ... on July February 22nd, 2009
  4. jasmine says:

    jonathan looks so happy with his lolipop! maybe u substitute his loli with something else??

    ... on July February 22nd, 2009
  5. caroline says:

    Oh …. I am so tempted to try that for a long time already in order to keep angel sit still in her stroller too!

    ... on July February 22nd, 2009
  6. Karen Shia says:

    Hahah…cute cute

    ... on July February 23rd, 2009
  7. Merryn says:

    aiyo he look so ‘high’ sucking the lolli.. hahahaha.. so cute!

    sure kept him occupied eh?

    next time he sees lolli.. he’ll be jumping up n down demanding u to get it for him! hahahaha..

    ... on July February 23rd, 2009
  8. Merryn says:

    oh another thing.. unfortunately, u got tagged! heheheheh.. see if u have the time for it, kay? 🙂

    ... on July February 23rd, 2009
  9. Ann says:

    I so understand your need to keep him in the stroller so that you can shop around.

    Whatever it takes sometimes ya! 🙂

    ... on July February 24th, 2009
  10. littlelamb says:

    join in the gang :p

    ... on July February 24th, 2009
  11. lil prince's mum says:

    Wow!~ he really enjoy so much!~

    ... on July February 24th, 2009
  12. Ryan mami says:

    He finished the whole lolli??

    Oh ya, I’ve got a tag for you HeRe. 🙂

    ... on July February 24th, 2009
  13. mistymom says:

    ooo….he must have been in 7th heaven! 🙂 arianna hasn’t had any lolli’s but she’s had lots of chocs!! not often though… 🙂 anyway, if you’re up to it, you’re welcome to do this tag :


    ... on July February 24th, 2009
  14. huisia says:

    i will give lollipop to eli too if i want him to sit still

    ... on July February 26th, 2009
  15. Julie says:

    Pet – That’s what I’m afraid off too. I offer drinks which I ordered to Jonathan while dining out and since then whenever he sees the waitress serve the drinks, he automatically ask for it.

    HN – Sethy will surely like it. Shhh… 😛

    Jasmine – I only had the lolli that time so that was the only solution. Else most of the time I bring along some raisins which is his fav.

    Caroline – I guess no harm in giving lolli to them once a while with control.

    Merryn – He don’t allow me to take a way from him even the stick!

    Ann, Littlelamb, HuiSia – *High 5*

    Ryan mami – He can finish the whole lolli but I didn’t let him coz almost at the end, the sweet fell of from the stick so I was afraid he may get choke. He cried when I took it away.

    Mistymom – Jonathan loves chocs too but I seldom let him whole it coz he will get so messed up later.

    ... on July February 27th, 2009
  16. mc says:

    so far keira still likes fruits to keep her still in the stroller,but i think i will take lollipops for when we go travelling soon:)

    ... on July February 28th, 2009
  17. andrewjune says:

    i try NOT to intro lolli/sweets to rachael…yet…but somehow i know she can’t run away from it hehehe…
    but be careful not too much for the kids…it’s bad for the teeth ok 🙂

    ... on July March 1st, 2009
  18. Joanne Tiew says:

    Jonathan looked so happy in the pic.

    ... on July March 2nd, 2009
  19. debbie says:

    woww… so fast u already introduced candy to Jonathan boy. I’ve yet introduce to Xandria although many times she has been holding the candy.

    ... on July March 11th, 2009

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