Jonathan’s Latest Act

Jonathan is 16+ months now.  

I would expect him to speak some words at this age but unfortunately, not yet. Either he refuses to or he thinks he might get his tongue twisted. 😛  But he sure can make us contented with his latest act.

Ish! – When he wants something he sees, with his hands reaching out trying to grab it from the table top.  He’s trying to say “please”, I would say.

Shhh… – He said it with his index finger pointing to his lips or sometimes his nose. Once, my baby niece was crying and he did this.  That was cute. But when I showed the “Shhh..” action during church service, he made even louder noise. *Slap head*

No more – He understand this means nothing is left. The cutest part is when he can’t suckle any more milk from my breast, he says “no more”.  Sometimes when he finishes his porridge, he will hand me the bowl and says “no more”.

Fuff… – When his food is hot or when I warn him the food is hot, he knows how to blow.

Bom! – When I say, Firecracker… He will go, “Bom!!” He learned this from the firecrackers sound during CNY.

Pom! – He understand this as “fall down”. He will tell me this when I warn him to be careful while coming down from the stairs.

*Pen… – You sure know what he wants when he say this. The “O” is missing from here. 😛


Whoaww… – When I ask him how does the lion roar, he roars for me with his hands raised and palms open wide.

Woof! – When I ask him how does a dog bark, he gives me a soft “woof”.

Despite the above, this boy has started to drive us up the wall. He is getting mischievous and throwing tantrums.  When he is angry or refuse to obey our instructions, he will throw anything that is around him.  Sometimes, he will raise his hands and trying to beat us.

When he wants something but we refuse to give him, he will “commit suicide”.  Haha…I sound a little dramatic. Well, his “commit suicide” act is whine and lie on the floor. But he is smart to know that the floor is hard and he should not bang his head so he lies down very gently. He is wrong in anticipating that Mommy will raise her white flag. 😛  Dunno where he learn this from.

Look at him…how can I resist loving him despite all his nonsense?


He is showing us the “GOOD” sign with the Gong Pian (a type of Hock Chew biscuit) in his mouth and turning his head away refused to look at the camera.

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  1. Joanne Tiew says:

    Sarah also not good in speaking any words yet, except, bug and ball.

    Jonathan is a big boy now. He is so adorable when showing the “good”.
    I am wondering why all toddler just love to show “good” sign using their index finger. Sarah also does that.

    ... on July March 3rd, 2009
  2. littlelamb says:

    Pls buy the Gong Pian for me when you go back Sitiawan. I miss this very much. Btw, whoaww can be Praise The Lord…:p

    ... on July March 3rd, 2009
  3. Merryn says:

    wah.. big boy dy! adui.. i missed ‘gong pian’.. have not eaten that for more than a decade now…

    one day, jonathan will suddenly blurt out many many words one.. toddlers are like that, if he is not speaking now, it is bcoz he wants to surprise u with a complete sentence in the near future! maybe he wants to skip the baby talk part.. n straight to adult talk.. 🙂

    ... on July March 3rd, 2009
  4. agnes says:

    wow.. he grow up a lot.. his look also more mature as compare to earlier!!!

    am sure he is always that adorable!!!

    ... on July March 3rd, 2009
  5. andrewjune says:

    i must say rachael also knows the ish sound…but bcos i showed her the fshes in the pond…then everytime she sees a pond, she will called out “ish ish” hahaha…

    and the “good” sign…rachael too like jonathan showing the index finger instead of the thumb 🙂

    awww…so cute arent they?

    great job there julie for teaching him the “hot” stuffs…

    ... on July March 4th, 2009
  6. Ryan mami says:

    Hehe… same like my Ryan saying open without the “o”. Jonathan’s commit suicide is better than Ryan’s… open his mouth wide screaming away! My god… sometimes I kenot tahan his screams.

    oh, don’t worry… he’ll be chatty pretty soon! 🙂

    ... on July March 4th, 2009
  7. Ryan mami says:

    Oops… hitting the enter button too fast.

    Just wanna add Jonathan is so adorable! 🙂

    ... on July March 4th, 2009
  8. Pet says:

    My daughter also slow talking,but now… she can non-stop!

    ... on July March 4th, 2009
  9. caroline says:

    The last pic of Jonathan is really so cute lar ….. I show it to Angel and Angel keep saying bb maam-maam (baby eating), hahahaha 🙂

    Oh ya, I also saw your comment about the Roselle seedlings, you have the seed to plant the tree? How to get it ah? Thanks 🙂

    ... on July March 4th, 2009
  10. Ann says:

    They will talk when they are ready and then you cannot stop them from talking!

    But I so know what you mean aboue them committing suicide! hahaha….

    ... on July March 5th, 2009
  11. sting says:

    oohhh… that’s quite a lot of words ya 🙂 good for him… *clap clap*

    ... on July March 5th, 2009
  12. lil prince's mum says:

    It’s fun to hear our little one starts mumbling words!~

    ... on July March 5th, 2009
  13. Wai Yin says:

    so cute…

    ... on July March 6th, 2009
  14. KittyCat says:

    Wow, he’s grown a lot! And likes gong piang too eh? They sell them in Klang too? Thought found only in Sibu or Kuching 🙂

    ... on July March 9th, 2009
  15. kristie says:

    jonathan is one cheeky fella ya!

    he is so clever with his speech development 🙂

    ... on July March 9th, 2009
  16. Julie says:

    Littlelamb – Going back in April. Will surely get you some if I manage to get it. So tough to even place an order especially on festive period.

    Merryn – Bring Ethan to S’wan one of these days. Don’t you miss that place?

    Caroline – Angel is so cute.

    Ann – Is this all boys’ act?

    KittyCat – Got the gong piang from my hometown in Sitiawan. It can last for few days and just put in the oven to reheat.

    ... on July March 10th, 2009
  17. debbie says:

    oh mind, Jonathan boy has becomes so big boy le…

    ... on July March 11th, 2009
  18. jasmine says:

    jonathan is so cute! especially the last photo. he look so cheeky!! *hehe*

    ... on July March 12th, 2009

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