Caught in Action

Jonathan and I often spend time playing on the bed before bedtime. He loves to climb up and down the bed, crossing over my tummy and snuggling beside me.

One night,  he pointed the bottle teat towards my mouth trying to force me to drink from his bottle.  Frankly, I’m not one mommy who is willing to eat her children’s leftover biscuit which is full of saliva. So, to avoid Jonathan from “feeding” me, I told him to feed Ginger.  Who is Ginger? Well, he’s my cuddly soft toy, a black dog.

One fine morning, to my surprise, I caught him doing this…

So cute…and I immediately grabbed my camera phone. I guess Ginger is not co-operative and not drinking so Jonathan had to lift up his head by pulling his ears. Poor dog… Luckily Jonathan didn’t get upset and knock Ginger’s head with the bottle. 😛

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  1. lil prince's mum says:

    My oh my! My sean loves to give his pacifier and bottle to his bear bear, like what Jonathan does, also.. hahahaha~~

    ... on July April 10th, 2009
  2. littlelamb says:

    Philip does the same. He loves sharing his milk..

    ... on July April 10th, 2009
  3. agnes says:

    I used to read from child progress book mentioned this is actually one of every kid’s progress by feeding ‘someone’ drinks & food.. or ‘pretend’ play masak masak.. pretend talk to ‘someone’… bla bla bla.. means Jonathan boy is BIG now adi!!! hahaahahaa

    ... on July April 10th, 2009
  4. Jaanvi says:

    I loved the post, first timer on your blog.. I really liked the way Jonathan has lifted the ear to make him drink milk..

    ... on July April 10th, 2009
  5. andrewjune says:

    hahaha…so cute…
    i was playing rachael with her trumpet that day and got bored after awhile…so i asked her to play with her bear bear…so she shoved the trumpet to the bear’s mouth and i whistled…

    hahaha till today she really thought bear bear blew the trumpet too!

    arent kids darn cute?

    ... on July April 10th, 2009
  6. HN says:

    Hehe, Sethy feeds his doggie too 😀

    ... on July April 10th, 2009
  7. Wai Yin says:

    after i gave birth to my second daughter…alyssa (3 yrs old then) feed her dolly milk no more using bottle but … BFD

    ... on July April 10th, 2009
  8. Merryn says:

    at least ginger get to drink something.. the poor hush puppy at the back is dying, no one feeding it! hahahahaha.. jonathan so clever, ginger dun want to drink, lift its head! next time mommy refuse, lift HER head! hahahahaha..

    ... on July April 10th, 2009
  9. Joanne Tiew says:

    Jonathan looked loosing weight ya? But still looked cute and handsome.

    Haha….Ginger very notty..dont want to drink water even the master is feeding him.

    ... on July April 11th, 2009
  10. Queenie says:

    Chloe also likes to feed her Mickey Mouse/Barney/Elmo foods & drinks….

    I like the pics Jonathan lift up Ginger’s head to feed him so loving….

    ... on July April 11th, 2009
  11. Penny says:

    Actually, I wouldn’t touch all that half eaten food that has gone in and come out from my son’s mouth too! Haha.

    ... on July April 13th, 2009
  12. Ann says:

    hahaha…and he did so with such a serious expression! Glad you managed to catch it on film!

    ... on July April 14th, 2009
  13. eugene says:

    seriosly, everytime when i do my blog hopping,it always gives me nice feeling when i could stumble upon blogs that are family oriented.

    i am glad to be here, as we are all parents,,

    Family First No Matter What

    ... on July April 15th, 2009
  14. sasha says:

    HI JULIE!!!! i saw yr picture and i thought eh…familiar face! haha

    yr son is so cute la.. can feed ginger like that but if that is a real dog .. haha kesian..

    ... on July April 17th, 2009
  15. Julie says:

    Jaanvi – Welcome and hope to see you here again.

    June – Haha…make sure whenever she gives the trumpet to the bear, you are there to whistle.

    Wai Yin – Still fine if you see your gal doing that but please, not Jonathan. I’ll pengsan. 😛

    Merryn – I think that Hush Puppies always show gloomy face to Jonathan so that’s why he don’t want to layan him. Haha…

    Joanne – Don’t think he is loosing weight. I think he is getting fatter. Can see his stomach bulging out.

    Quennie – Welcome to our Cyberhome. Do visit again.

    Penny – *High 5* 🙂

    Eugene – Thanks. Hope to see you around again. Do pen down some valuable comment as an experienced parent.

    Sasha – Kinda surprise to see you here. Hehe…actually I am one of your silent reader.

    ... on July April 18th, 2009

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