New Found Place

Our neighbouring friends have been talking about this place and the activity they enjoyed doing there with their friends and especially kids.  This particular activity is not what I fancy nor ever did when I was a kid unlike Darling who is knows well how it works.  So off we go one particular weekend to explore and find out if Jonathan boy will enjoy it too. 

So this was where headed to…

This is located at Bandar Bukit Tinggi II in Klang.  It’s a very big field beside the road in a housing area. I just couldn’t believe the crowd and the many kites that are flying high up in the clear blue sky. Most important is that the weather is great…windy!  The wind blows away the heat as well.

And when I see the size of the field, I was so relieved. So relieved that Jonathan can run around freely and safely while I watch him from a distance and without me having to marathon after him. You sure know what I mean. This is unlike at the playground where I have to carry him up the slide and running after him when he goes near the swing.

Here’s Jonathan boy, all geared up with his Spiderman kite.

This is not all you can do there. We brought along Jonathan’s little bike. The field is a bit uneven so it was kind of hard for him to maneuver his bike. Nevertheless, he enjoyed it.

Kite sellers are making great money here.  The kites priced from RM19. I tell you, kites nowadays are so fancy. You have mermaid, Ben10, Batman, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse flying in the sky!  I won’t be surprise to hear this…”Mommy, mermaid can fly?” 😛

Personally, I love this Batman kite. It looks so real when it is up in the sky. At least Batman does fly, right? They have it in fluorescent orange but it looks quite fake to me.

This is definitely a nice place for a weekend activity.  You sure agree with me if you see Jonathan when he was all out.  The restless him just stopped and sat down on the grass. But that never stop him from enjoying this great outing. We caught him here plucking the weeds.

We simply love this place.  It’s windy and the field is huge and clean.  We will surely be back soon ‘coz Darling just bought a dozen of smaller kites and more strings.  I hope the kites can fly… 😛  So, anyone keen to join us?

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  1. andrewjune says:

    wow…looks like you had great FUN with jonathan flying kites! i dont actually remember when i last play kites!
    and you’re right, the batman kite sure looks good!

    hope you will enjoy more activities there in the future!

    ... on July July 13th, 2009
  2. caroline says:

    This place really looks fun for a family weekend day out hor …. and the best thing is kids can run about freely as you said the size of the feild is large ….. how nice! But RM19 for 1 kite is a bit expensive la (hope it will last very long time), hahaha … don’t you think so? 😛

    ... on July July 13th, 2009
  3. Ann says:

    Oh cool….and you got it to fly too!

    Saw so many people flying kites lately….even in the small area near The Strand, Kota Damansara…

    BUt a HUGE field sure will be more fun…

    So…you ran with the kite?

    ... on July July 13th, 2009
  4. rachel says:

    nice family outing..
    i think kite flying is a trend now..

    it is an inexpensive way of spending time… nice..

    ... on July July 13th, 2009
  5. yugene says:

    wah…nice place.

    Is it near Jusco?

    May explore it this weekend!!

    ... on July July 14th, 2009
  6. agnes says:

    yea.. nice outing.. at least there is a big windy field for the kid to run & enjoy…

    ... on July July 14th, 2009
  7. Ryan mami says:

    nice place to have a family outing!

    i haven’t taken my Ryan to any play ground / field quite some time already. been at home most of the time.. not so healthy huh?

    ... on July July 15th, 2009
  8. lil prince's mum says:

    Lovely~~~~ Kite flying session somemore….

    ... on July July 17th, 2009
  9. mc says:

    i always wanted to try this when i was young too and never got the chance. must bring keira for kite flying too, looks so fun!

    ... on July July 19th, 2009
  10. Joanne Tiew says:

    I wanna join I wanna join..hehe.

    A dozen of smaller kites? I think I have seen it here. Very cute!

    I always bring Sarah to the field at Kota Kemuning, opp the McD. Have you been there?

    ... on July July 20th, 2009
  11. debbie says:

    didn’t know that Bukit Tinggi got a place like that wor… Long time hasn’t been there liow!!!

    ... on July July 23rd, 2009

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