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While I’m still drafting my next post, I would like to post this up on my Cyberhome as a gesture of thank you to someone out there.

She was the first mommy blogger that sent Jonathan pressie on his 1st birthday. That year, we exchanged gifts on our son’s birthday and Christmas. It so happen that both our boys’ birthday falls on the same month and just few days apart.

This year, I reminded myself to send pressie to her son before his birthday. But that never happened because the pregnancy hormone made my memory gone wild and made me restless. And so her boy’s present is still sitting on my desk…unwrap even. Nevertheless, she still remember us. I was happy when she dropped me a note that she’s sending over a pressie for Jonathan’s 2nd birthday. So sweet and thoughtful of her.

My dear friend, I thank God for you. May God bless you and your family with happiness always.

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  1. debbie says:

    yeah, it’s so sweet to receive an unexpected gift. What’s more from some one you never expected.

    ... on July November 6th, 2009
  2. Dora says:

    So sweet of your dear friend there! I’m sure she’ll understand that regarding to your hormone changed. Cheers…

    ... on July November 6th, 2009
  3. andrewjune says:

    true friends would not mind at all and you’re truly blessed to have known such a nice friend!

    ... on July November 10th, 2009

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