On Becoming Mommy’s Boy

Rule #1. “Put your hands together, close your eyes and pray…” before meal and bedtime. (But he doesn’t close his eyes but bow down his head instead. Sometimes I’ll do a spot check by peeping at him if he curi makan or not. He didn’t! Amen!)

Rule #2.  Have meals always on the high chair and not in front of the TV.

Rule #3. Buckle up when you are on your high chair. (more of Daddy’s rule)

Rule #4.  Wipe your dirty hands and mouth with a hankerchief and not your clothes. (Do you wipe your tongue too? He does!)

Rule #5.  No wasting of milk and bring the bottle to the kitchen after you had finished it. (But I wonder why they always left 1 or 1/2 oz milk unfinished)

Rule #6.  Keep the toys before you go out kai-kai and before leaving the living room for bedtime. (But not all the time coz sometimes I don’t have the patience to wait for him or when we are short of time)

Rule #7.  Abide when daddy or mommy says “Let’s go”. (Else there comes the “magic stick”)

Rule #8.  Wear your shoe when you are out from the house and make sure you wears it right.

Rule #9.  Sit in the shopping cart always and no running around the supermarket.

Rule #10.  Stand up by yourself when you tripped/fell.

Rule #11.  Put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

Rule #12.  Take and eat the biscuit one at a time. No eating like a Garfield.

Rule #13.  Always on your car seat. Cry and fuss will not release you from it.

Rule #14. Clear your toys that are in the bath tub after bath. (He sticks the fish foams on the wall and put the rest in the basin)

Rule #15. Comb your hair after bath. (I used to comb for him but beginning to let him comb himself now. Of course I still have to complete the job for him)


So, how well did he scores? I’ll give him 95%.  What happened to another 5%? Well, that goes to his tantrum, temper, laziness and not paying attention.

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  1. Merryn says:

    95%? Whoa, Jonathan is so clever! But hey mommy, nothing wrong eating like Garfield! (hehe, me being a garfield fan) 😛

    ... on July November 12th, 2009
  2. Mery says:

    So cute…

    ... on July November 12th, 2009
  3. Ann says:

    For 95%, I would say he is doing very well!!! 🙂

    Good job mummy!

    ... on July November 12th, 2009
  4. anggie says:

    consider A+++++ lor ……. good lor … “clap-clap” …..

    ... on July November 12th, 2009
  5. rachel says:

    very good already…..
    seeing this list..makes me feel better cos i thought i m the only one being firm n strict.. n oh yes, i hv 6 magic sticks. one in the car, one upstairs lounge, one in the bedroom, one at my moms, one at my downstairs..and one spare!

    ... on July November 12th, 2009
  6. Iriene says:

    Wow, he is a very GOOD boy.
    He is cute too…
    95% is distinction A, great job!

    ... on July November 12th, 2009
  7. andrewjune says:

    bravo, jonathan has done a great job of following 95% of your rules! WOW!

    i still haven’t set rules for my daughter yet…cause hubby never follws them himself!

    ... on July November 15th, 2009
  8. mc says:

    wow, you’ve taught him so well!! i can’t discipline keira at all.

    oh and congrats on your upcoming new arrival, we’re going to have our second one around the same time!!!

    ... on July November 16th, 2009
  9. Joanne Tiew says:

    I give 100% for Jonathan’s good work.

    Jonathan so good boy. He willing to sit in the shopping cart during the shopping. Not like Sarah, just sit a while then started walking around.

    Now I know how Garfield eats:-)

    ... on July November 17th, 2009
  10. Doreen says:

    wow, he’s such an obedient boy!! well done, Jonathan!

    ... on July November 18th, 2009
  11. debbie says:

    wah… Jonathan boy is really a good boy wor!!!

    Btw, I also wonder on Rules #5 coz my Xavier is like that too.

    ... on July November 19th, 2009
  12. lil prince's mum says:

    95%… Jonathan’s a good boy!~

    ... on July November 24th, 2009
  13. Kristie says:

    Wow, I believe Jonathan deserves 100% too! It takes lots of patience to teach ur kid all these rules and even more patience for the child to learn and follow!

    Jonathan, be a good boy and follow these Golden Rules 🙂

    ... on July November 29th, 2009

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