Changes in Life

One month ago, Darling move on to a new company and it’s a new job this time. It is more or less still in the same specialization but from a fixed working hours to working on shift.

It significantly impacted both of us….our actions, thoughts and feelings.

At night, the bed is all mine and Jonathan’s. At day time, the bed is all his and Jonathan’s.  We barely see talk to each other for more than 3 hours each day.

It adds on more worries. You won’t be able to doze off peacefully until you sees his SMS that tells you he had reached the office safely. The next morning you may be wondering if he would be too sleepy to drive home.

No more chauffer to send me to work or for late night shopping. Ok Julie, it’s time to be independent! But I’m still not good in parking ler. Darling says when you heard a bang then you know your mistake. Isn’t it too late by then?

All activities must be planned ahead now. Good thing is that he can help run some errands in the day time.

Oh no!  Not all things can be planned. How am I going to handle when #2 decides to see the world in the night?  Perhaps I should bring Jonathan along to ante-natal class so that he can take over Daddy’s job if Daddy can’t make it on time.

Taking care of Jonathan alone is not a problem as he is an easy boy to take care of.  Will it be the same when #2 comes? Praying hard that #2 is as tough as Jonathan and praying also that Jonathan will be a great helper to Mommy in taking care of #2.

Am I thinking too much? Any Mommy/Daddy out there is going through the same thing as I am or maybe worst?

I am glad and thankful that I have my sis staying next door.  Surely, when #2 comes, there will be more changes and challenges in life be it easy or tough ones.  But we believe that with our trust in God, He will make rough path a smoother one.

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  1. Merryn says:

    it’s always tough when the partner needs to be werking on shifts. but you’ll go thru this just like you guys have gone thru so much before (i think lah). all couples must have gone thru something.. 🙂 jonathan is a darling, no worries, he’ll be a good bro.

    ... on July November 19th, 2009
  2. andrewjune says:

    i thk you will excel well the 2nd time…you’ve already done such an excellent job as a first-time-mummy 🙂
    so dont worry, be confident that you can do it 🙂

    it’s really not that hard to drive a car…i had the FEAR once! but after awhile you get used it…trust yourself & most of all trust that the Lord is always there besides you to guide/bless/tcare of you 🙂

    ... on July November 20th, 2009
  3. rachel says:

    Yes , in all things Seek God and he will supply all your needs.

    I believe you are in good hands, and as you said, yr sister is just staying near you. Have you scan for #2? Is it a boy too? Jonathan will definitely be a good helper to you.

    ... on July November 20th, 2009
  4. Doreen says:

    I think everything will be fine.

    It won’t be too late when you heard a bang… take it as a lesson…we learn from mistakes, right? 🙂

    I’m sure Jonathan will be a good assistant when #2 arrives 🙂

    ... on July November 20th, 2009
  5. 2ma says:

    congrats on your baby #2! i am sure everything will be just fine!

    ... on July November 23rd, 2009
  6. Ann says:

    Working alone will always be tougher. But if Jonathan is an easy child to take care of, I am sure you will do fine in managing to 2nd and in getting him to help.

    Remember to take care of yourself and prayerfully your #2 will not need night feeds at all!!!

    ... on July November 24th, 2009
  7. lil prince's mum says:


    ... on July November 24th, 2009
  8. huisia says:

    don’t know you’re pregnant, congrats Julie.

    don’t think too much, everything will turn smooth when you least expect it 🙂

    ... on July November 25th, 2009
  9. Iriene says:

    Submit to God. Everything will be fine. It is good that your sister is just next door. Will pray for you 🙂 Btw, which church you attend?

    ... on July November 25th, 2009
  10. debbie says:

    ha… no worry and don’t think too much. THing will be just fine by the time.

    What you need to do now is ‘stay happy and think positive’…

    ... on July November 26th, 2009
  11. Kristie says:

    hi julie! Firstly, congrats on no.2 coming ur way!!!

    So sorry, haven’t been dropping by ur blog for some time, just read ur good news 🙂

    Don’t worry so much ok, have faith like u always do. Plus jonathan is such a good boy, u are one lucky mama 🙂 Just enjoy ur pregnancy and rub ur belly and say hi to bb for me and jayden! 🙂

    ... on July November 29th, 2009

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