Daddy Teach Naughty Stuff

Incident #1

In the bathroom after shower…

Jonathan: Mimi, I want put up there. (Wants to hang the shower head on the handle)

Me: It’s ok. Mommy help you to put up there.

Jonathan: No, no…I want put up there. *Started to throw tantrum*

Me: You are so heavy. Mommy can’t carry you. (Imagine a 6 months preggie carrying a 13kg object up to the sky)

Jonathan: No… I want Mimi carry.


Incident #2

Jonathan in the bath tub with Mommy watching beside…

Jonathan: Attempt to reach high up to the soap holder hanging on the wall. Eeeik…..successful! The soap drop in the bath tub. Happily, pick up the soap and start rubbing it on the bath tub, bath toys and wall.


One night, my conversation with Darling…

Me: Darling, you let Jonathan hang the shower head ar?

Darling: Yup. Why?

Me: No wonder. You know, he ask me to carry him to hang the shower head. How to carry him with a big tummy like this lar.

Darling: *Smile*

Me: Then must be you who let him play with the soap.

Darling:  Ok mah…

Me: As if. He took the soap and rub it on the bath toys lar. If didn’t clean up the soap, it will leave stain on the toys.

Darling: *Smile*


I know after Darling read this post, he will say the same to me… “Mommy teach naughty stuff too. Eat junk food right after meals.” 😛

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  1. Adino says:

    Maybe daddies just like to teach naughty things haha.

    Some of the naughty stuff I taught my baby Rachel: barking, meowing, turn upside down


    ... on July December 17th, 2009
  2. Doreen says:

    so fast 6 months preggy already? wow… time flies!

    anyway, daddy thought naughty stuff ain’t that naughty/bad… 🙂

    ... on July December 17th, 2009
  3. rachel says:

    i dont think that is naughty stuff.. just creating some fun / convenience gua…

    ... on July December 17th, 2009
  4. andrewjune says:

    hahaha…i laughed so hard when i read this post…
    somehow kinda relates to me and hubby as well…
    i always “accuse” him of stuffs and he does that to me vice versa hahaha…

    but end of the day, we had a good laugh out of it…hahaha…

    i thk sometimes we just want the kids to hv some “fun” as well 🙂

    ... on July December 17th, 2009
  5. debbie says:

    hhahaha…. same goes to my Xandria. Daddy always teach her how to be in the opposition with me, sei ngm sei??

    ... on July December 18th, 2009
  6. 2ma says:

    i noticed that most daddies will teach the kids the opposite way *haha*

    ... on July December 19th, 2009
  7. Joanne Tiew says:

    For me, daddy is not that notty and Jonathan too, hehe.

    ... on July December 27th, 2009
  8. lil prince's mum says:

    naughty naughty.. 😉

    ... on July March 4th, 2010

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