Preggie @ Week 30

Yeah, I think I should be in week 30 now.  Really lost count for this pregnancy.  I think it’s the second child syndrome and I feel so bad when I come to think of it.  I seldom talk to her, read to her, play music for her and connecting her with Daddy. Even, I started late in taking Spirulina and Calrich. These are Elken products and I took it when I was pregnant with Jonathan. You can really see the goodness in Jonathan that he has good immune system and strong bones.

Pregnant with Jonathan is a lot different from this pregnancy.  Different symptoms.  The heartburn this time round was worst. Until now, I still can’t enjoy my food because it always got stuck in my throat.  I crave for sweet stuff especially canned lychee or rambutans and sea coconut.  In my first trimester, I craved for coffee which was something I dislike. Funny eh… I think I can’t take milk because I feel awful after that.

Different in size too! The tummy this time was rounder and smaller.  My 7 months tummy looks like 6 months tummy of the previous pregnancy. Some aunties say I got a neat tummy and it is definitely a baby girl tummy.

The previous pregnancy, my feet started to swell at 6 months.  My gynae always commented on this everytime I went for my routine check. This pregnancy, although my feet has grown bigger but not swollen yet.

Similarity? ICE! I can’t live without ice. I know, I know it is not good but can you see my suffering? Another similarity is in the baby’s characteristic. This little one is as active as Jonathan. Squirming here and there, telling Mommy that she’s lively. 😛

There is one on-going experiment. I’m taking soya bean milk (with white sugar) almost daily because Jonathan has dark complexion from dunno-who-gene.  And not forgetting bird nest…it really make the baby’s skin soft and smooth.

Aunty-Next-Door took some of this preggie shots for me during Christmas.  It was an unplanned session and so you can see I look quite messy.

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  1. Merryn says:

    Here I can see Jonathan looks similar to you. Eh, I took home made soya bean everyday while I was preggars with Ethan and he came out dark!!!

    ... on July January 19th, 2010
  2. Kristie says:

    love photos!!! U look good dear, jonathan is so cute 😉

    ... on July January 19th, 2010
  3. Mery says:

    Nice pics…I love the last pic,so sweet.

    ... on July January 19th, 2010
  4. anggie says:

    Is a “girl” ya ??? 😛
    so many “her” u mention here …
    BTW, do take more rest …

    ... on July January 19th, 2010
  5. agnes says:

    wow, u look great.. 🙂 yea yea, guess every 2nd time mother will have the same guilt by not spending enough time for them… SAME HERE!!

    but don’t be too hard on yourself ya.. am sure she can feel ur love no matter how.. 😉

    ... on July January 19th, 2010
  6. Kimmy says:

    Darling.. You are lovely and wonderful. I’m blessed. 😀

    ... on July January 19th, 2010
  7. chanelwong says:

    it is such a nice round tummy you have… look great….

    ... on July January 19th, 2010
  8. andrewjune says:

    you’re glowing glowing glowing there, julie!!!!! so radiant 🙂
    they say preggie mums with girls most likely hv great complexion, hair and nails…and i couldnt agree more (been there, done that as well! hahaha)
    you’re far away fr messy, dear…

    so happy for you it’s a girl this time…perfect family then…1 boy and 1 girl 🙂 you’re truly blessed! CONGRATS!

    ... on July January 19th, 2010
  9. 2ma says:

    love the last shot of you & jonathan (except for the slightly messy hair) *hehe*

    ... on July January 19th, 2010
  10. rachel says:

    such lovely shots. who said it was messy?

    u look great. so its a cny baby?

    God Bless.

    ... on July January 20th, 2010
  11. karen shia says:

    time flies…30weeks already! Girl this time, so perfect! U made me drooling…haha!

    ... on July January 20th, 2010
  12. Ann says:

    Eh….first time you post about your pregnancy ! Congrats we are all expecting girls this time round!

    Go with whatever you like to eat yeah! Ice, canned whatevers etc.

    Hope to meet you when you deliver. Can?

    ... on July January 20th, 2010
  13. mc says:

    yay, one boy one girl:) i feel exactly the same abt my second pregnancy, still so focused on no. 1 hard to pay attention to no.2 in the tummy!
    your pregnant shots look great 🙂

    ... on July January 20th, 2010
  14. KittyCat says:

    Congratulations, Julie! Been sooo busy with my own little baby girl I didn’t know you’re pregnant 🙂

    By the way, hop on over to my blog as there’s a lovely giveaway for babies!!!

    Happy New Year

    ... on July January 21st, 2010
  15. Adino says:

    Another drink you can take is the “fu chuk” barley. We are also expecting our second baby, and have similar experience as you with the “second child” syndrome.

    The older one takes up so much of our time, energy and attention that we forget about the baby that’s coming.

    For example, we already prepared clothes, bottles and bed for our first baby when my wife was 4 months pregnant. For second one, we haven’t even plan anything yet.

    ... on July January 21st, 2010
  16. Olive says:

    I like your tummy shots and your boy looks handsome 🙂

    ... on July January 21st, 2010
  17. yugene says:

    You look great in the photo!! And Jonathan so clever, taking photo together with u!! My boy would not want to do so sure jump here n there!!

    ... on July January 22nd, 2010
  18. Aunty Next Door says:

    See, told you so. Everyone agrees that you look so radiant in this pregnancy.

    ... on July January 22nd, 2010
  19. Joanne Tiew says:

    Where got messy, you look so nice in the photo. Your neighbour is a photographer? She has taken a very nice pic.

    ... on July January 28th, 2010
  20. Cynthia says:

    Hi Julie…didn’t know that you are expecting a 2nd baby..and it’s a girl 🙂 Thank God for that. You look gorgeous with your pregnancy bump…

    ... on July January 28th, 2010
  21. debbie says:

    where got messy?? in fact, very natural and in-real. I like d one with jonathan n patrick.

    how time flies, it’s 30 weeks liow….

    ... on July February 10th, 2010
  22. lil prince's mum says:

    I like your preggie’s photos…

    I can’t take milk also, during both pregnancies..

    ... on July March 4th, 2010

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