Samantha is Back Home

After spending 6 days in NICU, finally Samantha got the green light from the doctor to be discharged last Saturday. She looks chubby and rosier upon discharged because of the IV drips.  Hope she continues to be chubby and have rosy cheeks like Mommy.  Not only she managed to gain back the weight she lost but it increases a little to. She is now 3.2kg. She was 2.97kg upon admission. 

So what is the cause of her vomiting?  Like I mentioned in my earlier post, X-ray taken, ultrasound was done, MRI brain was done, blood and urine samples taken for tests.  Everything seems to be ok.  So the doctor concluded that her vomiting is due to her Mitochondrial Disorder.  People with Mitochondrial Disorder may have episodes of vomiting and migraine.  If this is the case, Samantha’s vomiting may relapse.  Nothing can be done to cure her vomiting. She may still vomit once a while but as long as she is not dehydrated or losing weight.  If the same vomiting relapses, the only thing that can make her better is the IV drips.  We hope there won’t be frequent visits/admission to the hospital.  All these while, her liver and kidney is not very good too. Do continue to uphold her in your prayer that she won’t have further illnesses.

Doctor adviced that due to Samantha’s special condition, she will need extra tender loving care at home. That would mean we are to not allow her to cry excessively, must pamper her, make her as comfortable as possible.  We suspected that her vomiting was also because she dislike taking some of the vitamins.  Because of this, doctor has reduces some of her vitamins temporarily so to not stress her too much.

Thank you all for your prayers.

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  1. mery says:

    Glad that Samantha is back home n recovering…Hope she stay healthy always.

    ... on July June 14th, 2010
  2. KittyCat says:

    Julie – Glad to hear that Samantha is back home and has put on some weight while at the hospital.

    I find that my baby girl demands more of my attention and is more of a “crybaby” than my boy. Hubby says that’s because she’s a girl…

    If you need to keep Samantha calm and comforted, I wonder if you’ve considered using a sarong sling? I used it when my baby girl was 1-2 months old and she would sleep peacefully in it.

    I love it so much I use it when I go shopping etc because it’s so easy to make her sleep and keep her asleep in it. Now that she’s 7 months old, she’s getting heavy for it. Email me and I’ll be happy to lend it to you.

    Since you’re in KL, I can’t show you how to use it but I’m sure many Mums there can. If not, I can contact one of the blogging Mums who’d be happy to help, ok?

    ... on July June 15th, 2010
  3. 2ma says:

    glad to know that baby samantha is home! and, she is home heavier too 😀

    ... on July June 15th, 2010
  4. Pet says:

    Glad to hear Samantha is back at home and rosier too! Take care …

    ... on July June 15th, 2010
  5. prince n princess mum says:

    glad to hear this… take care

    ... on July June 15th, 2010
  6. rachel says:

    I’m glad that Sam got discharged. Who is looking after her now? Are you back at work or ???

    Will continue to keep Sam in my prayers. Take care

    ... on July June 15th, 2010
  7. mc says:

    that’s good news! stay strong samantha!

    ... on July June 15th, 2010
  8. Ann says:

    Praise GOD! Glad to know Samantha is doing well. Must be tiring for all of you….will continue to pray for you all.

    ... on July June 15th, 2010
  9. andrewjune says:

    i’m smiling smiling nothing but smiling 🙂
    i’m SO glad she’s being discharged!
    i dunno if you’re BF her or giving her formula, but my paed says the BEST milk for kids/babies when they r vomitting/hv diarrhoea…they always recommend Pediasure (bcos it’s MOST complete!)

    will continue to hv lil sam in prayers…

    ... on July June 16th, 2010
  10. christine says:

    glad to know that samantha is back home and feeling much better. will continue to pray that God will take good care of her.

    ... on July June 16th, 2010
  11. debbie says:

    i feel a bit release when knowing baby sam is fine now. I’m sure God hear us… and you too take a good care of yourself.

    ... on July June 18th, 2010
  12. kristie says:

    good to know Sam is back home in mummy and daddy’s arms! She’s a strong gal 🙂 Good that she came home chubby 😉 with all the TLC from u guys, she will be fine 🙂

    ... on July June 19th, 2010
  13. yugene says:

    glad to know baby sam id back to mummy!!:-)

    ... on July June 19th, 2010
  14. caroline says:

    Glad to know that Baby Samantha is finally getting the green light to go home. I am sure daddy and mommy will provide her with more than just tender loving care …..

    ... on July June 20th, 2010
  15. huisia says:

    glad to know that she’s home. Baby Samantha, be strong and be healthy, ok? God, please shower your love upon baby Samantha…

    ... on July June 23rd, 2010
  16. Joanne Tiew says:

    Good to know that Samantha is home now.

    Stay strong mommy and baby, k?

    ... on July July 2nd, 2010

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