The following morning after early Christmas celebration with Sia family, my mom, youngest sis, 3rd sis and family, me and Jonathan boy (Darling couldn’t take leave) travelled down to Hatyai in a fully-loaded Avanza. 3rd BIL’s sister stay in Hatyai so we got ourselves free accomodation, free food, free transport and free translator 😛 .

We enjoyed sitting on the uncovered pick-up truck.


If it wasn’t for 3rd BIL’s nieces (on the left and right, center is my youngest sis) who can converse in Thai, we will be talking cats and dogs, pointing and showing signs.

Purpose of the trip was not for a last minute Christmas shopping but targeted shopping for bags, shoes and pyjammas. That was our target but only 1 out of 3 targets achieved…BAGS.  I got my handbag at RM50 and I think it is not really cheap as compared to branded bags on 50% – 70% sales over here. It’s either we are not good in bargaining or the prices really gone up. Zebra’s cookware cost so much more compared to few years ago. Pyjammas selling at pasar malam here is cheaper than those selling in Hatyai. Youngest sis got a travel suitcase at RM110 which I think is a good buy. We didn’t go for much Thai authentic food as 3rd BIL’s sis rarely eat out.


None of us dare to try the well-known fried insects or worms.


Mom found home made ice lolli which she used to enjoy when she was a kid. They pour carbonated drink into the iron rod and soak it in salted ice water. Within few minutes, you got the ice lolli at just 30 cents.


We have seen this bottle before in KL but just didn’t know why we got attracted to it and start camwhoring with it. Silly us… 😛

We went to hypermarkets like Tesco and Makro. Milk powders there are few dollars cheaper but I wonder if it is of the same formula so ended up not buying as I rather not take any risk. The diet of Malaysian babies maybe different from Thai babies. We bought a trolley of Lay’s potato chips. They are real cheap. I saw a Malaysian tourist bought a trolley full of it.

Mom not forgetting to bring home some Thai fragrant rice for Dad. I’m not a picky eater so I can’t differentiate local and Thai rice. We changed for around 4000 baht and all gone after spending 3D 2N there. Nothing much we have bought but mostly spent on the food.  Food there are not cheap though. All broke and so time to go to Penang to replenish our vitamin “M”.

Last but not least……

Jonathan sitting happily on his car seat at the back of the Avanza stuffed with lots of things.

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  1. Merryn says:

    looks like fun… shud have tried those fried insects/ worm… NOT! hahaha.. ice lollies makes me wanna have some too… 🙂

    ... on July January 11th, 2009
  2. Joanne Tiew says:

    Jonathan looks so happy…Cute cute!

    Woww..your sister learned Thai language b4?

    ... on July January 12th, 2009
  3. kristie says:

    jonathan is such a cutie pie! 🙂

    wow nice trip down… good getaway!

    ... on July January 12th, 2009
  4. littlelamb says:

    Jonathan looks like a grown up while seated in the baby seat…

    Does that mean it is safe to travel to Hatyai now?

    ... on July January 12th, 2009
  5. Ryan mami says:

    Hehe… I’ve tried the deep fried maggots and bees but in China!

    It tasted quite nice and crunchy like ikan bilis. 🙂

    ... on July January 12th, 2009
  6. Ryan mami says:

    I think the things in Bangkok will be much cheaper than Hatyai.

    ... on July January 12th, 2009
  7. Pet says:

    Good trip, huh? 🙂

    ... on July January 12th, 2009
  8. lil prince's mum says:

    Wow!~ So shuang!~ go kai kai again!~

    ... on July January 12th, 2009
  9. caroline says:

    Wah …. you guys really seat at the back of the truck ah? The police will not stop you?? It really look so fun la!!!

    ... on July January 12th, 2009
  10. Ann says:

    yet another post that makes me go “Wah!!!”….so envious.

    not so much for the holiday but the close bond you all sahre.

    Your blog is certainly WELL NAMED!

    God bless you, Julie and your family!

    ... on July January 12th, 2009
  11. andrewjune says:

    i thk jonathan loves the trip cos he’s smiling-oh-so-widely!
    you can send that photo for parenthood mag for the holidays fiffy contest!

    ... on July January 12th, 2009
  12. agnes says:

    wow.. nice trip!!! can see all the happy faces esp jonathan boy..

    ... on July January 13th, 2009
  13. huisia says:

    jonathan boy looks so different liao..

    hehe..really a productive trip!

    ... on July January 13th, 2009
  14. sting says:

    sounds like a really fruitful trip ya! hehehe..

    ... on July January 14th, 2009
  15. Aunty Next Door says:

    In KL the ice lollies is sold at Rm1. Quite standard price here. WAh, i didn’t know MY SIS can speak Thai! wt…

    ... on July January 14th, 2009
  16. Julie says:

    Merryn – Don’t dare me. I got a small heart. 🙂

    Joanne – You mean my BIL’s sis and his nieces? They grew up in Thailand so they can converse very well in Thai.

    Littlelamb – The place I’m staying is safe. Not sure about other places.

    Ryan mami – I dare not try ler. Yeah, I think things in Bangkok will be so much cheaper.

    Caroline – It’s legal to sit on the truck.

    Ann – Thanks. It’s all God’s blessing. Sometimes we do quarrel, really.

    June – Yeah, I like his smile in this pic too.

    HuiSia – He looks more mature is it?

    ... on July January 15th, 2009
  17. mc says:

    how disappointing that things in thailand are not that cheap anymore..

    ... on July January 17th, 2009
  18. Joanne Tiew says:

    i mean your BIL’s nieces…
    Oh, they grew up in Thailand..so you also can learn some Thai Language from them lor..hehe

    ... on July January 19th, 2009
  19. HN says:

    Traveling is always fun 🙂 You all sure have good times!

    ... on July January 20th, 2009
  20. lil prince's mum says:

    Your boy is so lucky, go so many places to travel..

    ... on July February 11th, 2009
  21. mistymom says:

    o how i would have loved to have tried those fried insects!!! been trying to get someone to buy them back for me while i was still in msia but no would! or more like they couldn’t find any. ish….

    ... on July February 15th, 2009

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