Left Brain, Right Brain

Let me fill up with a filler post while Julie is compiling the next family updates.

From Wikipedia:-

Anatomically, the brain can be divided into three parts: the forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain the forebrain includes the several lobes of the cerebral cortex that control higher functions, while the mid- and hindbrain are more involved with unconscious, autonomic functions. During encephalization, human brain mass increased beyond that of other species relative to body mass. This process was especially pronounced in the neocortex, a section of the brain involved with language and consciousness. The neocortex accounts for about 76% of the mass of the human brain with a neocortex much larger than other animals, humans enjoy unique mental capacities despite having a neuroarchitecture similar to that of more primitive species. Basic systems that alert humans to stimuli, sense events in the environment, and maintain homeostasis are similar to those of basic vertebrates. Human consciousness is founded upon the extended capacity of the modern neocortex, as well as the greatly developed structures of the brain stem.

Right Brain or Left Brain Dancer

Right Brain or Left Brain Dancer

The above is just something to stimulate your brain once again. Remember those dreaded time when our science teachers who made us memorize and understand each and every part of human anatomy? Yeah.. Scary. Glad that I’ve overcome that stage.

Here’s what I would like to share with you. I got from myklang forum.

Are you a left brain or right brain person?
Look at the dancer animation on the left. Do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?

If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice-versa. Most of us would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction; see if you can do it.


  • uses logic
  • detail oriented
  • facts rule
  • words and language
  • present and past
  • math and science
  • can comprehend
  • knowing
  • acknowledges
  • order/pattern perception
  • knows object name
  • reality based
  • forms strategies
  • practical
  • safe


  • uses feeling
  • “big picture” oriented
  • imagination rules
  • symbols and images
  • present and future
  • philosophy & religion
  • can “get it” (i.e. meaning)
  • believes
  • appreciates
  • spatial perception
  • knows object function
  • fantasy based
  • presents possibilities
  • impetuous
  • risk taking

Personally, I’m a touted from this experiment to be a Right Brainer. Most of the mentioned characters matches mine. What about yours?

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  1. huisia says:

    i saw clockwise at the first time, but anti-clockwise at the second time.

    ... on July July 22nd, 2008
  2. Ann says:

    I saw clockwise at first then ani clockwise than for the longest time clockwise again.

    maybe it is the first instince that should tell? since we can after all focus and then change her direction!

    ... on July July 23rd, 2008
  3. Merryn says:

    saw her anticlockwise.. tried to change it to clockwise until i go bonkers oso still anticlockwise!!!!

    ... on July July 23rd, 2008
  4. Merryn says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeeee… after that comment.. she suddenly turned clockwise!!!! this is scary dude!!

    ... on July July 23rd, 2008
  5. Julie says:

    I also can see clock-wise and anti-clockwise…whichever direction I want it to be. So I’m a right or left brainer ler…a complicated woman huh?

    ... on July July 23rd, 2008
  6. mumsgather says:

    I can’t see her turning anything else accept clockwise. Gee this is so weird. Haha. Thanks for the post.

    ... on July July 23rd, 2008
  7. Ryan's mami says:

    Err… I see clockwise first then anti clockwise then clockwise again and then back to anti clockwise!! Haha…am I extremely complicated woman too?

    Anyway, I’m left handed. So, i guessed i’m right hand brain.

    ... on July July 30th, 2008

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