37th Weeks…

Time flies and it’s approaching October soon. It’s exactly 3 weeks before the expected date of delivery. Starting from the 34th weeks, I can feel the heaviness which really affected my movement. My tummy just grow so much bigger than the weeks before. Before that, I can still move around comfortably. But now, I have to do things in a slow motion. I realised this when I started organizing my long-untouched stuff (or you can call it antics) last week. I could barely squat, bend down, sit on the floor or carry more weight. You can see me walking like a big elephant.

With all these, I give thanks to the Lord for I am assured that baby is growing well. Baby is giving me more “tidal waves” movement. He will turn my round tummy into odd shapes and make me figure out whether the little bump is his fist or elbow or foot or head. I love this game and hope baby will not stop playing with me.

I have started to pack and organize my bedroom/stuff to make ways for baby cot and closet. I bought two large 5-tiers plastic drawers and yet they are not enough for my antics and baby stuff. And I still can’t see an empty space to put the baby cot. Looks like baby’s gonna share the bed with mummy and daddy which is a no no for me. Some of the things have to move out from the room which gives me the headache to think of where to place them.

I managed to shop for my post-natal and baby’s stuff during the Merdeka Sales. My sisters passed down some old baby stuff and clothes. I already got them washed and ready for our baby. Went together with mom to get some herbs for confinement too. Got some tips from sis on what to bring along to the hospital for myself and baby. These are the most I can do right now while waiting for baby’s arrival. There are few more things to be ready but mom is having this beliefs that “not to do it yet until baby is delivered”.

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  1. Kimmy says:

    Darling. I thank God that He has provided me such a strong and loving wife. I’m jealous because BB don’t play guessing game with me. šŸ™
    I’m happy that we could go through this journey together with God’s guidance.

    ... on July September 12th, 2007
  2. Sis Next Door says:

    A good post is not complete without a good pic. lol.

    Check out all the booties and mittens on my laundry line.

    ... on July September 12th, 2007

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