38th Weeks…

I’m now counting down to hearing our little baby’s cry. He is putting more pressure to my lower abdomen. At times it’s a ticklish feeling and at times I’ll feel uncomfortable especially when I’m having a full bladder. I’m not only getting pressures from baby but also from office. Since I’ll be away for 2 months and it could be anytime from now, I am required to pass down my knowledge and whatever is outstanding. I don’t know how much my colleague can absorb. Good luck to her! Anyway, I also don’t want to go unprepared to avoid the office from calling me during my confinement.

Darling said I’m having an expensive lunch today because I packed one mooncake for lunch that cost RM10.00. It’s the month of Ramadhan so I have to pack lunch to the office. All my lunch partners are fasting. I better eat whatever I can now otherwise I’ll miss that for two months later.

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