The Birthday Party

Hope it’s not too late to post this up…

We had a party for Jonathan 3 year old birthday on 10.10.2010.  A belated celebration as his actual birthday falls on a Friday. Some snapshots from the party. More in Facebook.

Engaged a face painter. At least got the kids and adults occupied with something. Check her out here.

Took this chance to meet up with some mommy bloggers…Chanel, MC, Yugene, Merryn , Joanne and Rachel.  Thanks guys for coming and the gift for Jonathan and Samantha.  And it was my first time meeting Chanel and Mchyl. Was so happy when they accepted my invitation.

So what is the takeaway from the birthday party?

No more birthday party for you, boy. I hope… 😛

Our very first party was on his fullmoon. We had a food caterer for both events and the no. of guests was more of less the same. But we were not feeling as hectic as this time.  Kimmy and I were going around entertaining the guests. And you may or may not know that I am not a sociable person and will try to avoid it if I can. So that Sunday was like forcing myself to greet and talk to people I know and worst, people I’m meeting for the very first time. Just doesn’t know what to say and how to make them feel not lonely.  Sorry guys, for being a bad host. 🙂

Find, Find, Find…

That’s how Jonathan would go singing while looking for his toys…“Find, find, find…everywhere. Find, find, find…everywhere.”

We are planning to send Jonathan to school next year. Not that I think he is ready but I think he needs to learn to be more sociable. I would expect some crying sessions and refusal in the beginning, knowing him, my son! It’s happening in Sunday School.

Another reason (more of an excuse you’d say), I am unable to spend fun-time with him at this moment. My mind have many activities that I would like to do with him but regretfully can’t (if you understand the situation I’m in now). Not wanting him to miss out all these, and so I think sending him to school is another way for him to learn, pick up more things and most importantly, have fun.

And so, a bit late, we are scouting for a school for him. Few aspects that we are taking into consideration when looking for a school for him.

Either close to our house or along our way to work so that either Darling or myself can drop him off school. May be a bad idea because there will be tendency that he refuse to get down from the car.

School must open its door by 7.45am, else we will be late to work. If this is impossible, we have to find a transporter. May be a good idea so that we don’t have to wake the sleepy head up early in the morning.

School fees can be rather expensive nowadays compared to many years back. We don’t mind paying a little more but must be reasonable. But how much is consider reasonable?

What are other aspects that you think I need to take into consideration?

What are the things that I need to observe or ask during my visit to the school?

Jonathan’s fav website

Jonathan loves his computers very much and he’s pretty much knows how to use them without us guiding him most of the times.

His favourite website now is the Disney Family Games. I personally find that this website provides many good activities for toddlers to learn words and songs.

Here’s a video of him playing one of the number matching game.

Jonathan @ 3 Years Old

I Am 3 Years Old!


From my Mommy & Daddy:


Jonathan boy, you are our gift from God and we love you so much.
You are a smart and obedient boy,
you amaze us every day and bring joy into our lives.
May you always know that God loves you,
and that you are chosen to do good and wonderful things in your life.
And may the angels guide you, protect you all the days of your life.

Growing Up to the Big 3…

My boy is going to be 3 years old soon…

Two months back when I asked him his age, he was still saying, “I am 2 years old.”
After some brainwashing from me, he will now say, “I am going to be 3 years old.”
I’m starting another brainwashing session for him to say, “I am 3 years old.”

When I asked him, when is his birthday.  He answered, “In the room.”  Because we got his 2nd birthday pic hanging on the wall of our bedroom.  I guess he is confused with “when” and “where”.  He answered it right occasionally…”October 8.”

We are planning to throw him a birthday party this year since he now know how to have fun. I showed him many designs of cake. Asked him to choose which one is his favourite.  He will go like, “Ermmm…I want Thomas Train.  Ermmm…I want Mickey Mouse.  Ermmm…I want action hero.” The next time you ask him again, his like changes.   He is so undecisive…like me! 😛

A very impatient boy. Temporamental at time. When he couldn’t get something done, he gets agitated easily. I calmed and talked to him many times on this but still couldn’t “fix” this personality of his.

Still a shy boy. He needs warming up. Brought him for a Muzikgarten trial class and he refused to enter the room. Was clinging to me the whole session and refused to participate. He opened his mouth only towards the end of the class and gave the teacher a goodbye hug.

Timid. Fear of fire crackers and loud noises. When he sees Tinker Bell hiding underneath the flower petals or the big cat coming, he hid himself under the blanket too.

Despite all his mischievous act and temper, he is still an obedient boy and a great helper.  Of course he needed some pushing and encouragement sometimes.

Now that he is more vocal, I love to ask him questions to simulate his thinking. Sometimes he gave silly answers. Well, kid’s imagination.

These are some of the things about my boy…Mommy’s boy but spoiled by Daddy. 😛

On 4th Admission and Baby Teeth

Yes, it’s Samantha. Admitted last Wednesday and was discharged on Monday.

We brought her for follow up on Wednesday but got held back because her lactate went up and her bi-carb (HCO3) was low which is not very good.  Doc wants to normalise her lactate and bicarb. Moreover, she had not been gaining weight.  We can sense that she’s not doing good from the way she behaves or reacts.  Whenever her lactate is high, she is more cranky, restless and breath harder.

Generally these are some of the things the doc will be looking at every time. Other than that are liver function, thyroid hormones and hematology.

Admit Discharge Reference Range
Lactate 15.7 mmol/L 9.6 mmol/L 0.2 – 2.2 mmol/L
pH 7.306 7.49 7.31 – 7.41
Bi-carb (HCO3) 9.5 mmol/L 19.5 mmol/L 18 – 23 mmol/L

So you can imagine the amount of blood drawn from her each time. I hate it when she needs to be admitted. They will come after her blood everyday. I now call them VAMPIRE.

She gained 200g in the hospital so now she is 3.8kg.  I guess I should not miss her night feeding.

On a happy note, both her lower central incisors has erupted.  That is fast! I am not expecting it because all her developments were delayed.  She’s going to be 6 months in another week’s time but she is still like a less-than-2 months old baby.

This Is What I Call…



Mommy can’t figure out how I got this word from. She never introduces Vitagen to me before except for Yakult, Solivite and Nutrigen.



My Daddy got me this forklift. The fork can move up and down. Isn’t this cool?

Say Hi to Samantha

Let this be the first good post of Samantha.

She is now 5 months old based on her age. Physically she is like a 2 months old baby except that she is still quite floppy and unable to support her head yet.  Still wearing newborn sized diaper and clothing.

It has been a month since Samantha was discharged from GHKL.  She is tolerating milk via the feeding tube as mentioned in my earlier post.   I resumed breastfeeding so that my breast won’t be an alien to her and also to keep my BM supply going which has been decreasing.  We also offer her water through bottle to stimulate her sucking reflex and in case she is able to go back to bottle feed again. Her doctor disallow us to BF and bottle feed her as afraid that she may get choke but so far she has been taking it well. (Shhh…can’t let the doc know).

She gained some weight from 3.3kg to 3.65kg within a month.  Not much but this is consider a good progress despite her condition.  It will be a long way for her to catch up with babies of her age. She looks chubbier now. She can sleep better and for longer hours too nowadays. On and off, she still whine and cry unconsolably which could be due to colic, reflux or soiled diaper.

Talking about soiled diaper, Samantha is really a princess! She wants to be changed IMMEDIATELY once her diaper has soiled else she will not stop crying. Sometimes, she just want you to check on her diaper eventhough the diaper is not soiled.

Her big brother Jonathan adores her so much. He likes to kiss her, smell her, carry her, hold her hand and sleep beside her. He will take her hand to caress his face. And recently, I have no idea why he feels like biting her fist…love bite? 🙂

Money or Opportunity

I am getting frustrated with my work and working in such a company, dealing with such annoying people.  I will just deal with as much as my plate can hold. Most of my colleagues are facing the same. When it comes to this stage, you know how serious is the health of the department. This is everywhere, I know but enough for me after 5 years here. 

Something just pissed me off this morning and I’m feeling like throwing darts at them.

And that makes me ponder…

“Should I wait for my bonus in November and forgo the opportunity that comes? So what if I wait for my bonus but the consequence is having to suffer still in this miserable place?”

Oh, My Hair…

My silky hair is falling down, falling down, falling down,
My silky hair is falling down,
Oh, my precious hair.

Same thing happened when I was with Jonathan. It started in the third month until more than the sixth months. It was very bad until you can see my scalp. Everytime when I went to the hairdresser, she will make her comment and start recommending me syampoo and hair tonic. I thought probably Jonathan had taken up all the nutrients in my body as I was breastfeeding. So I went to the pharmacy to enquire for supplements and they recommended me to take Zinc. I can’t remember if it helps.

Now, with Samantha, I’m losing my hair again. At the end of the day in the office, I can see hairs on my chair.  Hairs all over my dressing table and on the floor. Even scarrier whenever I shampooed my hair.

Any remedies or supplements to prevent hair fall due to post-natal hormonal change?